6 Things To Do In Lombok

If you’re looking for a beautiful Indonesian island packed with authentic culture, waves and food, then check out Lombok.

Lombok is quickly moving up the touristic ladder but it’s still much less touristy than Bali.

It takes less than hour by plane (and flights can be as little as $15), so if you’re looking for a quick get-away, then head on over and here are 6 things to do here.

So without further ado, here are 6 things to do in Lombok.

1. Surf

As surfing was the main reason I went to Lombok, I’ll start here 🙂

There are loads of amazing surf spots around Lombok – for example, Inside Gerupuk, Outside Gerupuk, Don Don, Mawi, Segar, Ekas Bay, and more.

My favourite spot was Inside Gerupuk. Tucked away in the middle of the ocean, this gem of a wave is amazing for all levels as it’s quite mellow. The waves were so consistent, it felt like a proper wave pool! Unfortunately it did get quite busy so I’d recommend heading out really early. (Like 5:30am!)

To get here, take a boat from from the small village called Gerupuk (a return boat this typically costs around 150,000 IDR for tourists).

The really good thing is that if you fly to Lombok with Garuda, you can take a board bag with you on the plane for free!

There’s often some camera men in the water, and that’s how I got this shot…

2. Motorbike trip around Rinjani

If you want to get a real feel for life on Lombok or want to experience Rinjani without hiking to the top, then the 3-day motorbike trip around the base of volcano could be the option for you.

The route passes through idyllic coastline, lush forest, striking green hills and verdant paddy fields – some of the most beautiful spots on the island. Not to mention showcasing real Indonesian life in the numerous scenic/raucous villages. For the most part, the roads are quiet and in good condition.

Starting in Sengiggi, the route hugs the coast to Senaru village. The next day travels through forest and farmland to Tetebatu village, before looping back to Sengiggi on the final day. It can be extended in any number of ways, including a hike up Rinjani for those feeling adventurous!

It goes without saying that this trip involves a fair amount of bike time, so only embark on this adventure if you are confident on a motorbike / scooter and have the relevant documents (driving license / international driving permit).

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things to do in lombok bike

3. Check out Bukit Merese

Bukit Merese is a cluster of hills on a peninsula quite close to one of Lombok’s most touristy towns, Kuta, which sits on the southern coast.

It is a very popular place to watch the sunset but during the day it is an incredibly gorgeous place to walk amongst the super green hills looking down upon the turquoise waters of the bay that holds Tanjung Aan, a beach that is also very worth visiting.

You can see for miles from Bukit Merese so any time of day is perfect for all the photos if the weather is clear.

To get there, you will most likely need your own scooter and park it in the designated lots for a fee of about 10,000 Rupiah. It’s just a short uphill walk from there to enjoy all the panoramic views.

things to do in lombok From Dave On Arrival

4. Have lunch at Horizon

Up the mountains, just off the main road in Kuta Lombok, is Horizon Ashtari.

It has an incredible view overlooking Kuta bay, really delicious food (highly recommend the the spicy prawn curry), daily yoga, private rooms, and even Indonesian cooking classes.

things to do in lombok horizon

5. Watch the weavers of sukarara in Lombok weave the traditional textiles

While Lombok is known for its sandy beaches and hidden waterfalls, in a small village in the east of Mataram, a cultural side of Lombok is seen.

A traditional village called Sukarara, is home to a colony of weavers. Staying in simple huts, these villagers earn a livelihood through weaving fabrics.

things to do in lombok weaver

This is a must have experience in Lombok as you can not only see the weavers at work, buy can also buy the fabrics and learn to weave the fabrics from the local women. Most of the weaves are in cotton, silk and nylon.

While the threads are brought from outside, the colours are obtained with seeds of tamarind, local turmeric, the barks of trees like mahogany and betel. Sounds of the craftsmen on the traditional weaving tool welcome you as you enter the village.

They produce and sell various fabrics: scarves, dresses, materials, table covers in various colour combinations and designs : floral motifs and the very famous subhanallah motif!

Earlier only women indulged in this process, but as times are changing, men have started working on it as well.

From Divyakshi Gupta @ Quirky Wanderer
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6. Get lost & watch the sunset

Because it’s so mountainous, Lombok has some really incredible sunsets – overlooking the sea with the mountains & volcanos in the background.

I hired a scooter and went for a bit of a drive up the hill, with the intention to try to get as high as possible for sunset. We went all the way up the road past Horizon Ashtari and found this spot…

things to do in lombok sunset


Wondering where to stay?

I stayed at Nalua Surf House and loved it. Great location (in the middle of town), modern bright rooms, comfy beds, and best of all – the most EPIC buffet breakfast ever. Unlimited warm banana bread, pancakes, peanut butter, eggs, toast, cereal, fruit & bottomless coffee!

So if you’re heading to Lombok, hopefully this gives you some ideas of things to do. If you find any other things to do, please do let me know as I’ll for sure be going back!

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