Hats Off - Medellín Colombia - Museo de Memoria


I’m a London girl with one big-ass itch to travel.

And I realised I was never going to scratch that itch – in the satisfying “ah yeh mmmm” style- from just 25 days of holiday a year.

So in December 2016, I left my 9-5 job in advertising. The aim was to go for just 6 months, as I’d managed to blag a sabbatical to learn Spanish in South America. The plan was that I would return, as though nothing had ever happened…

But I caught the bug. 6 months turned into 9 months. And then 9 months turned into “I’m sorry Mr Boss- I’m not coming back to England”.

So what’s changed?

I set off a VERY naive little Brit. And I’m still a very naive little Brit. But if there’s one thing travelling alone has done – it’s shown me just how naive I am.

  • I’ve learnt (and then forgotten most of) the Spanish language
  • Had my passport, phone & all bank cards nicked at once
  • Learnt salsa dancing
  • Been on a drip in a Colombian hospital
  • Learnt (or attempted to learn) surfing
  • Quit my office job & started working remotely 
  • And met some absolute jokers along the way.

So I’ve set this blog up – originally to keep track of where I’d gone (my memory is shocking) – And now to share all the mistakes, tips and things I’ve learnt on the road.

Hopefully it might give you a little inspiration and nudge to book some flights.

And if you got any questions or just want to say hey… drop me a message below!