12 Of The Best Cafes In Canggu

If you like healthy food, then you’ll be in food heaven in Canggu.

I’ve never seen so many healthy cafes in one area – all competing on flavour, price, and vegan vibes & superfood health benefits.

(Disclaimer, not all the cafes below are vegan- and not all serve the Bare Vida bamboo utensils, I just take them around with me everywhere I go!)

So here are 12 of the best cafes in Canggu…

1. Crate

If you’ve seen Canggu on Instagram, chances are that you saw a photo tagged at Crate.

I’ve gotta admit- usually, I don’t like going to the Insta-famous cafes. In the past, I’ve found them to be too hectic, expensive or just a bit of a let down.

Crate is different though. It’s laid back because of its warehouse vibes, often has a chilled-but-funky DJ playing in the background, overlooks the rice paddies, and has a delicious menu that’s also really cheap.

Plus they are one of the only cafes to open at 6am, so sometimes I watch the sunrise there or go for a post-surf brekkie.

Favourite dish? There are soo many good things on the menu, but my two favourites are…

  • When I’m feeling savoury: The Peas Please. This is a load of green goodness aka peas, spinach, and avo with poached eggs, and feta. $55,000 – tax included
  • And if I want sweet: the Pukker Up Chia Bowl – chia seeds in coconut milk, with dragon fruit, blueberries and a fruity heart in the middle. $55,000 – tax included

best cafes canggu crate peas

2. The Avocado Factory

Everything on the menu has avocado in it (surprisingly enough). I’m not even a massive avocado fan – but I’m obsessed with this place. The portions are massive but it’s healthy and their marinated tofu is amazing!

Favourite dish?

  • Marinated Tofu Salad (and I swap the croutons for grilled corn). It’s the BIGGEST salad with the most amazingly-flavoured tofu (I don’t even like tofu that much!),  crunchy almonds and the most perfect dressing. $65,000 + tax

3. Peleton Supershop

Plant-based cafe meets bicycle store, with some amazing vegan alternatives like the soy “chicken” schnitzel or jackfruit tacos.

Favourite dish? Difficult to choose!!! It’s either…

  • The Ms Jackson Tacos: marinated BBQ jackfruit tacos with a cashew sour cream. $65,000 – tax included


  • Fuel Good salad which includes pretty much every veg that has ever grown. i.e. Kale, spinach, purple cabbage, capsicum, broccoli, chillies, carrot, beetroot, spring onion, AND pumpkin, plus hummus, dips, gluten free bread etc. $65,000 – tax included

best cafes in canggu peleton

4. The Loft

Surprisingly enough The Loft has a loft – and its my fave place to sit here!

Lots of people don’t venture up the stairs because there’s enough seating downstairs, but its quite cute nestled above everyone. A really good spot to work as its a bit quieter than sitting on the busy main road.

Favourite dish?

  • Sweet: Chia pudding with mango & dragonfruit coulis. $50,000
  • Savoury: Vegan brekkie – includes scrambled quinoa tofu, coconut sweet potato, mushrooms, kale, cabbage, smashed avo, and beetroot hummus – with sourdough. $68,000

5. Motion Cafe

Where the fitness-obsessed go, because of all their protein smoothies, egg white omelettes, special flavoured waffles and no-sugar puds.

It’s quite small and always pretty busy, but despite this, it’s quite a popular place to work from and with lots of plug sockets.

Favourite dish?

  • Protein waffles with peanut butter and strawberries & blueberries. Sometimes I also add a dollop of coconut yoghurt on the side. Beware- these are pretty big and can be a little sickly, but I’ve got a sweet-tooth and so absolutely love these after a knackering CrossFit session. $85,000 + tax

6. Matcha Cafe

I love the Matcha Cafe because it’s quite small and kitsch, and has a nice friendly vibe.  Matcha is something I’ve been trying to drink more of, as I know how many antioxidants it contains – so sometimes I come here if I’m super tired and am looking for a pick-me-up.

Plus, the guys who work here are constantly topping up the flavoured water which is a small gesture but I love!

Favourite dish?

  • I mix & match(a?!) the two pancake dishes. I get the fluffy protein pancakes which comes with strawberries, coconut & maple syrup – and then add the homemade vegan nutella on the side. $65,000 – tax included

best cafes canggu matcha

7. Copenhagen

The concept at Copenhagen is that you pick and choose 3-5 small dishes, so if you’re indecisive (like me!) then it’s a really good option.

Favourite dish?

  • My faves are the coconut yoghurt, watermelon with feta and mint, and scrambled eggs.

best cafes canggu copenhagen

8. The Shady Shack

Another vegan spot with jungle vibes and trees nestled in and around all the tables. The Shady Shack is one of my favourite places but it can get quite busy.

Not the best place for work as there aren’t very many plug sockets – but it’s good for clean, healthy eating.

Favourite dishes?

  • The Shark Attack burger. I’m not a massive burger fan but this is unreal- I think because of the mix of feta & smashed spuds on the side. The burger’s made of quinoa, beetroot, flaxseed & feta and comes with green pea & edamame hummus, caramelised onion, and roasted peppers. And then the smashed garlic spuds with aioli is A-MAZING.
  • Protein bowl salad: Lentils, green beans, asparagus, spinach, crunchy sweet potato skins, shredded beetroot, broccoli, corn, lemon gremolata, sumac, nuts & sunflower seed – with a lemon, coconut vegan dressing.

9. Nude

Quite a good cafe to work in. They have an air-con room, with lots of plug sockets, and signs that ask ‘digital nomads to share tables if it’s busy’. Nice not to be turfed out!

You also get an extra 20% off if you say you’re a member of CrossFit!

Favourite dish?

  • Sweet: Unholy Moly Pancakes with berries, crushed walnuts, chocolate shavings & vanilla creme. $60,000 + tax
  • Savoury: The falafel salad with beetroot, apple, feta & cashews is yum. $75,000 + tax
  • (I’m veggie but if you’re looking for meat- my housemate is obsessed with the charcoal burger from Nude. He gets it pretty much every single day!)

10. Cafe Vida

It’s ALL about the scrambled tofu at Cafe Vida. And again, I’m not much of a tofu person!

They have a cute garden towards the back which has a few low tables, comfy cushions, and lots of plants. But beware the wifi has been very hit & miss for me, so maybe not so good if you want to work here.

Favourite dish?

  • Scrambled tofu! Spiced with turmeric, carrot, zucchini and it also comes with vegan cheese (which tastes like haloumi) and spinach toast. $75,000 + tax
  • If you want something sweet after…they have some amazing healthy-ish puds.

11. Two Trees Eatery

Love the concept of Two Trees- they aim to do good by being environmentally friendly and also good to your body.

Favourite dish?

  • Toasted nut butter & banana, on sourdough bread with raw chocolate sauce, chia jam and a choice of activated almond butter or peanut butter; $80,000 + tax

best cafes canggu two trees

12. Silk Road Wholefoods

A cute, spacious cafe with wooden tables, woven baskets, ornate pottery, and embroidered cushions… all amongst a sea of tropical greenery. It’s a chilled spot where you can easily stay all day.

Their signature smoothie has pretty much everything in! Banana, dragonfruit, mango, spirulina, coconut flesh, coconut water, royal jelly, bee pollen, AND honey.

Favourite dish?

  • The Vegan Salty Snickers dessert is to die for!!!

best cafes in canggu silk road


There you have it… My 12 favourite cafes in Canggu. There’s always new spots popping up all the time, so if you have any more to add to the list… please drop me a comment below!

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