The best coffee shops in Medellin

As a coffee fiend, I’ve gone out my way to find the best coffee shops in Medellin.

And with Medellin being so close to the coffee region, it’s totally nuts that good coffee can be so tricky to find. Apparently, Nescafe is the coffee most drank in Colombia itself, as all the good stuff is exported.

So I found myself asking naively… where can I find a good cuppa coff?

best coffee shops in medellinSo, I went all over the city, in quest of the best coffee in Medellin. Here’s my curated list…

El Centro

10th floor rooftop restaurant, located bang in the middle of downtown. Very reasonably priced & if you’re looking for somewhere that’s out of the tourist bubbles of Poblado & Laureles, this is a great spot.

Best coffee shops in Medellin - Cafe Credenze

Half coffee shop, half library – with a piano for the live jazz nights on Monday, this really is a hidden gem. Crammed full of culture, quirkiness and a tasty cuppa.

Good spot to chill with a coffee and book or even a cocktail at night.

Best coffee shops in Medellin El Acontista
El Acontista – quirky library coffee shop in El Centro, Medellin


My all-time favourite coffee shop in the city – cute, small, and chilled. It’s just off the main road so is quiet, and there’s a little terrace for when the sun is shining.

For me, the best part about it is the insanely kind staff. The first time I went was on a Saturday at 11am, and they were having issues with one of the coffee machines. It didn’t affect me at all but they still gave me a free cup of coffee!

Best coffee shops in Medellin Algarabía

They do the best chai coffee with almond milk…..mmm que deliciosa. Always full of nomads, and it’s located on the main road opposite the park in Laureles which makes it quite a fun place to people-watch.

Plus, get a loyalty card so your 10th coffee is on la casa. 💗 free stuff.

For the best selection of cakes and cheesecakes, go to Zeppelin! The creamy Oreo cheesecake one was the bomb. Again it has edgy decor, with mismatching furniture and has a great atmosphere in the evenings for cocktails too.

Cafe Zeppelin Laureles, Medellín - coffee and cake

Similar vibes to an underground bar or coffee shop in Berlin. Kitted out with board games and kitsch decor, it’s chilled but cool.

The only annoying thing is that they aren’t open long enough! They are shut Sundays and Mondays, and only open at 12 every day.



Slightly secluded area towards Envigado, just off the main road but on it’s own, it’s easy to miss this gem – so it doesn’t get too busy.

If you fancy upgrading to a beer (post coffee obvs), finally here’s somewhere that sells London Prides in bottles.

Best coffee in Medellin - El Cafe de Otraparte

Best coffee in Medellin - El Cafe de Otraparte


This hostel has a cafe on the ground floor, which serves pretty amazing but cheap food and drinks. I’ve had the pesto empanada which was about the size of my head (and approx only 10,000 pesos or $2.50), as well as the avocado & cream-cheese bagel, and also a Dirty Chai Coffee – all which were delicious.

Ciudad del Rio

A huge outdoors terrace, comfy sofas, the best selection of cakes and muffins, and free filtered water flavoured with watermelon and cucumber – soooo good. I’m a big fan of the warm cheesy pesto muffin.

Tucked away from the hustle & bustle of Poblado, and next to the Museum of Modern Art, you could pop here for a break and some arty culture too.

Best coffee shops in Medellin Carinita

El Poblado

One of the best places to work, with strong wifi and plugs at every table. The coffee is good (although maybe on the small side, but I’m just greedy) and they do a solid limonada de coco.

Plus, you can’t argue with the eggs served inside a massive avocado, coated with some sesame seeds.

Best coffee shops in Medellin Botanika

If you know any other best coffee shops in Medellin, please do let me know!

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  1. Hey, I’m reading this from one of my favorite coffee shops in Medellin! I get hate for this sometimes, but I’m in STARBUCKS! haha I love this place and the staff is super friendly and all know me by name at this point. I also go to Cafe Zeppelin a lot and frequent other coffee shops nearby, but there’s something to be said about Starbucks 20 oz bucket of coffee that you can’t get anywhere else! And also, they are consistently open. Many days I go to hit up another one of my coffee shops only to discover that they are either closed for the day or aren’t open yet – so I make my way here. 🙂

    1. haha i never made it to starbucks out of principle!! i do agree, you cant argue with a MASSIVE cup, but i always went for the french press (which was meant to be for 2 people) in algarabia, so thats quite a good option if you want a big cup, in somewhere a bit more independent 🙂

  2. Hola hola! I actually second the advice from Paul, the commenter above, about Starbucks when you’re looking for a place to work and not feel bad about squatting on a spot for hours on end. Plus the Starbucks in Laureles has a little second floor patio with plugs that’s nice.

    As for good coffee, we did a blind taste test of coffee from the top cafes in Medellin and the winner, BY FAR, was one called Rituales. Your readers might want to check it out too.

    Starbucks, FYI, came third last in the taste test…

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