Best vegan food in Mexico City

The vegetarian & vegan scene in Mexico City is absolutely HUGE.

It’s so big, that it even turned me veggie. I haven’t gone fully vegan, mainly because I love eggs too much (sorry) – but there are so many incredible, delicious vegan restaurants in DF, that I’m confident that even the most stubborn of meat-eaters would be happy going to any of the following 5 places.

So here’s my 5 best spots for vegan food in Mexico City.

Note – the reason there’s only 5 is because I tried out many more, but these are my favourites. And I don’t want to recommend anywhere that’s not the creme de la vegan creme.

1. Por Siempre

For the tastiest tacos, for the best value EVER.

These tacos are so big and so cheap that I genuinely feel guilty of robbing them of food. I do not understand how vegan food of this quality can be so cheap.

I have been to Por Siempre so many times, and after trying pretty much everything, I’ve perfected my order. I get 2 tacos (15 pesos each), and then go to town on the delicious onion & herby beans, potatoes, salsas, and herbs. This comes to a grand total of 30 pesos – that’s less than 2 USD. Madness.

Best vegan food in Mexico City - Siempre Vegan

Fillings can be any of the following: vegan chorizo (I’m not 100% what this is, but it was a herby-wheaty-delight), mushrooms, soy, almond cheese, and a whole lot more.

Everything is super fresh, and the guys working here are so friendly – it’s my favourite place in the whole of Mexico City!

It’s also super popular amongst the locals, and there’s usually always a pretty big queue on the road here – so it’s good to get here early. They start serving lunch around 1:15pm & aren’t open on Sundays.

best vegan food in mexico city

2. Pan D’Monium

Hands down the best vegan burger in the city.

They’ve got 3 flavours of vegan burgers; my favourite is the Soberia, which is a little spicy, with spinach, almonds, raisins and parsley. It comes in the most amazing light & fluffy bread, with herby mayonaise too. And it’s only 50 pesos! (under 3 USD)

Best vegan food in Mexico City - Pan D'Monium burger

They also do hot dogs, pizza rolls and slices of gluten-free and vegan-friendly pizza. Plus, pay an extra 15 pesos & you get chips and the juice of the day too.

Best vegan food in Mexico City - Pan D'Monium

3. Temictli

The best vegan nachos in the city. (Also the best nachos I’ve ever had in my life)

These are so good that I kept going back here with my housemates, just to order the nachos. They are on the sharing/starter list but the boys would just order a whole portion to themselves. It’s ladled in guacamole, vegan cheese, beans, tomato & salsas – and for 60 pesos (less than 4 USD) it’s an absolute bargain.

Best vegan food in Mexico City - Temclitti nachos

I also tried to no-cheese macaroni cheese which was pretty tasty… but the nachos are on another league to anything else.

Best vegan food in Mexico City - Temictli mac cheese

4. Mora Mora

For the health conscious & yoga-loving foodies 

If you’re a fan of smoothie bowls with acai, artisanal nut butter and cacao nibs, Mora Mora is your place. They have a yoga studio at the back too, so you could re-energise here after a class.

Best vegan food in Mexico City - Mora Mora

5. Falafelito

For the best value falafel & hummus (and a good people-watching spot)

The best value meal here is the unassuming ‘falafel snack’ on the menu. It’s only 60 pesos (under 4 USD) and you get a whole 15 balls of falafel, with hummus and a spinach salad.

You could, alternatively, get a wrap with 9 pieces of falafel for 95 pesos – but for me, this is way too big (and I have a pretty big appetite). Plus, the falafel is the best bit so why waste your appetite on eating the unnecessary wrap, and just have more falafel – for cheaper!

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  1. Hi, I’m living in Mexico and I’m vegan.
    I read your post and wanted to tell you about a great vegan place, called “La Pitahaya Vegana”.
    It’s one of my favorite vegan place in Mexico. You can check the comments in Google Maps, there are great. You should definitely add it to your list!

  2. Damn! I thought I knew of all the vegan places in CDMX, but you’ve named a couple I’m not familiar with. I’ll have to check them out on my next visit. I agree with you about Por Siempre. It’s an absolutely incredible bargain and the food is the best! I also liked Pan Comido in Roma (not sure if it’s vegan or vegetarian), Los Loosers in Condesa (close to Chapultepec) is amazing, and if you’re ever in Polanco Vegan Inc. is a tasty option.

    1. amazing will try them out, thanks! to be honest i found pan comida a little bit disappointing which is why i didnt put it on here – i had the falafel wrap & it was just very average… but maybe i had the wrong thing!

  3. Nice list! Do you know of any that aren´t in Polanco, Roma or Condesa? Maybe something a little more central like around the Alameda or Reforma around the Plaza de la Revolucion or Expo Reforma?

    1. Thanks Teresa! To be honest, I generally stuck around Condesa & Roma mostly so not really… but let me know if you know any good ones further afield 🙂

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