5 spots to enjoy the best views in Medellin

Imagine experiencing with your own eyes: the magical views of the city of Medellin.

Soaking in the opening scene from Narcos, as it’s staring at your right in the face… just without the text on screen.

So here’s where to go, to see 7 of the best views in Medellin.


As Medellin is set in a valley, you can experience this view from an endless number of places.

Photos, gifs, videos – none of them do them justice. They are so captivating, mesmerising, enthralling… You gotta get down (or up?) there to see them for yourself.

1. Mahalo restaurant, bar & skatepark

Located in Envigado, this super trendy restaurant with bar and skatepark is pretty unique. Chill out on their tables outside, sip on a traditional paisa hot chocolate – that’s a hot choc with cheese (possibly creamier than cream itself) – and soak in the ‘sparkling city’ all night long.

Take a jumper because it can get a little nippy up there.

Best views in medellin mahalo

2. Parque Arvi

I find it crazy that such a green, jungley area can be so close to the cosmopolitan city, Medellin.

How to get to Parqe Arvi:

  • Take the metro North to Acevedo
  • Then get the gondola to San Antonio
  • Hop on the next gondola to Arvi.

This last gondola ride is about 30 mins long, but the views are amazing…

The best views in Medellin - Gondola

3. El Cerro de Volador

A short – but insanely steep – walk up a hill.

The 360 view at the top is breathtaking (literally).

El Cerro de Volador - best views in Medellin

How to get to El Cerro de Volador:

  • Take the metro to Estadio
  • Walk towards the skate park.
  • Continue walking, with the running track on your right. Keep going along the main road for around 5 more minutes, and there’s a tiny path on the right.

It’s very easy to miss, so it might be worth popping it in google maps. Google Maps takes you to the beginning of the walk up the hill – and the entire walk is only about 10 minutes.

4. Mirador de Las Palmas

This viewing spot is just on a hard shoulder off a main road, but it seems to be where all the cool kids hang out. It’s always busy, so maybe a little less serene – but no less magical.

Best views in medellin road

How to get to Mirador de Las Palmas:

  • Easiest way is to take a taxi.
  • Ask if the taxi can wait for you, as it’s about a 30 min drive outside of the centre of Medellin. You probably don’t want to be stuck here, trying to find a way to get back.

5. Pueblito Paisa (or Cerro Nutibara)

One of the more touristy spots – but for a reason.

It’s got a great view over the national airport too – where the film, American Made, with Tom Cruise is set.

Best views in medellin p paisa

How to get to Pueblito Paisa:

  • I’d suggest taking a taxi & ask if he/she can wait, as I’ve heard the neighbourhood below can sometimes be a little dodge.

As it’s more well known, you may want to visit during the week when it’s less busy.

6. Envy @ The Charlee Hotel

If you want a rooftop bar with a swimming pool, house music, sushi & cocktails… head to Envy.

You don’t need to be a hotel guest to use the bar here; just stroll straight in, and enjoy the panoramic views.

Best views in medellin envy hotel

How to get to Envy Hotel: 

  • Head into the Charlee Hotel, in El Poblado
  • Hop in the lift, and go to the top floor.

7. Art Hotel Boutique’s Rooftop

Another rooftop bar, decked out with copper interiors and indoor trees.

Very Shoreditch House.

Best views in Medellin

Plus the food is so delish. Check out this meaty pulpo, with home-made pesto on the side…

Best views in medellin - Art hotel -min
Pulpo (octopus) with pesto, and pizetta with atun (tuna ceviche on a pizza style crust).

How to get to the Art Hotel: 

  • Head into the Art Hotel
  • Hop in the lift, and head up to the top floor.

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