My bucket list: things to do before I die

I find the concept of a bucket list kinda bizarre – a list of all the best things you want to do in your life, with a weird, cynical undertone of death.

Despite this (or maybe because of this) I love them. There are so many amazing things in the world that it’s easy to either forget them, or be overwhelmed by it all that you end up not doing anything.

So here’s my bucket list 📝

1. Be fluent in another language –  half way there with Spanish but blimey it’s hard 

2. Live in South Americalived in Colombia for 6 months

3. Bunjy jump – done in New Zealand 2016

4. Skydive – done in New Zealand 2016

5. Swim with pink dolphins in the Colombian Amazon

6. See the Northern lights

7. Fly on a trapezeLondon 2014, with Gorilla Circus school

8. Route 66

9. See Nicolas Jaar, my favourite DJ, livedone, Medellin Jardín Botanical 2017

10. Go to Rio Carnival

11. Glastonbury went 2016 & WOW

12. Go to Thailand

13. Watch the Olympics liveDone London 2012 with my bro

Bucket list - Olympics 2012

14. Go wine tasting in Mendoza

15. Try ayahuasca (not sure if I’ll ever actually have the balls to do this but it’s on the list)

16. Get a tattoo

17.Hold a monkey – Bali 2015

Bucket list - Ubud Bali - monkey sanctuary

18. Meet a celebrity (a proper one like Leonardo DiCaprio, not a rubbish one)

19. Work for myself – journey began the freelance work on Upwork

20. Do a yoga retreat

21. Go to the Galapagos

22. Spend a summer in Ibiza – done 2010, working for Pukka Up

Bucket list - Ibiza

23. Do a massage course

24. Do a surf course

25. Snowboard in Japan

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