The best island in Colombia – Casa En El Agua

Recently I met some Colombians with a Casa En El Agua tattoo. Plus, home-made baseball caps with the Casa logo printed on the front. That’s a lot of dedication for a hostel.

Casa en el agua

I had to see what this craze was about.

Some reviews on TripAdvisor were a bit dodgy, from when it first opened. It’s a 2 hour boat ride away from Cartagena – would it be worth the hassle, and the money?

Absolutely a trillion million percent. 

Yes, it is a bit more expensive than the average Colombian hostel – but it is literally a house in the middle of the sea.

You would never find such a remote, magical island with these types of costs in Europe. (If it would even exist at all!)

And, the food and drink on the island isn’t massively high, especially considering everything has to get shipped there, including all water and ice. You can even catch fresh lobsters, which they will cook for your dinner.

Fresh lobster at Casa en el agua

Don’t expect 5* luxury.

There’s no wifi, and you gotta pee in one hole and poop in the other – but I kinda loved this. Well, maybe not the toilets – but it’s refreshing what no wifi can do for the mind. Plus with no Instagram or Snapchat available, people actually talk to each other.

Chilling on the best island in Colombia - Casa en el agua

It is tiny.

Teeny tiny.

But as my mum always said to me, when I was struggling with my height growing up – all the best things come in small packages.

The ground floor is one open-plan room, with a bar, sunloungers, table for food, and slack line.

Casa en el agua slackline
There’s also 2 for 1 cocktails all day every day. I’m a pina colada snob and these were probably the best I’ve ever had, full of fresh pineapple whizzed up.

AND I got 4 free cocktails, because it was my birthday when I was there.

Island drinks @ Casa en el Agua

How to book

You have to book on their website 30 days in advance. It felt like trying for Glastonbury tickets all over again, as it books up so quickly. Try to get online at 00:00 Colombian time, aka 6am in UK, when the beds are released.

And, if beds are available, I would strongly recommend paying the extra $4 a night. I had a hammocks but it got a little windy and cold.


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