11 Coffee Shops in Mexico City For Digital Nomads

Mexico City is a hipster heaven. It’s full of so many quirky, artisanal coffee shops – so when I was living here for a month, I made it my mission to try as many out as I could.

Here’s my 11 favourite coffee shops in Mexico City – with good WiFi, chilled vibes, and the best coffee.

Note: This list covers the Condesa & Roma Norte areas, as I like hanging out here because they feel safer to me (as they’re the wealthier spots).

I’ve also included Google links for each one, so you can save them as favourites to your map if you want.


This coffee shop is full of people working on laptops tucking into their muesli or acai bowls, cold brew or matcha latte.

Coffee shops Mexico City digital nomads

It’s bright and airy, the wifi is fast & there are are plugs under every table.

Plus, there’s a real tree growing in the middle, cushions with cat eyes on, AND free mint-cucumber-infused water on tap. What more can you possibly need?

Best coffee shops Mexico City - Blend Station Condesa  Best coffee shops Mexico City - Blend Station Condesa 1

Located close to the park but far enough away to mean you don’t get too many sellers bothering you.

They do funky flavours of coffee & chocolate – I tried the mix of ‘cinnamon & chilli mocha’ which was pretty yummy. Or if you want an old classic, their Americano has never let me down. Great vibes as it’s full of digital nomads.

Finally somewhere with Flat Whites! And they taste just as creamy, strong & tasty as in England. It’s another quite small coffee shop with long wooden tables, and not many plugs, but quite a relaxed vibe here if you go fully charged.

Brown Caffeine Lab - Best Coffee Shop Mexico City

My favourite people watching spot! This is an authentic, small cafe on a prime corner of one of the most beautiful streets in Mexico City (Calle Amsterdam).

Not the best place if you want to get your head down and focus – but it’s great if you’re looking for somewhere open, airy and friendly.

I love going here to read my book and just watching the people pass by.

Best coffee shops in Mexico City - Volador Condesa

They also do amazing goats cheese sandwiches!

Best coffee shops in Mexico City - Volador sandwich

Cute and small – but it’s never been busy for me.

They also have solid wifi & plugs under every table.

And, 2-for-1 craft beers in the afternoon.

If a load of bikes suspended on the wall isn’t the definition of hipster, then I don’t know what is.

They also do great pizzas, lots of plugs, and good internet.

La Routa, Condesa - Best Coffee Shop Mexico City

My favourite beer garden in Mexico City.

If you go to work, go fully charged because there weren’t any plugs in the garden (although inside is also pretty comfy with vinyls on the wall).

Freims, Condesa - Best Coffee Shop Mexico City

Roma Norte

Furry rugs on the chairs, a hammock right by the door & the best iced-almond-milk latte I’ve had, maybe in my life.

Dosis, Roma Norte - Best Coffee Shops Mexico City

But make sure you go fully charged as there aren’t any plugs here.

Dosis, Roma Norte - Best Coffee Shops Mexico City 1

This is a chain of libraries – there are a few dotted round the city – but the one in Roma Norte is by far my favourite, as it’s spacious and airy.

Best coffee shops in Mexico City El Pendulo

The Cardinal is quite small, so make sure you get here early to nab one of the tables. The interior is pretty hipster with globes casually sitting on the antique tables.

Best coffee shops in Mexico City - Cardinal Casa de Cafe, Roma Norte


And if you go a little further out towards Chapultepec Park…

I couldn’t not include this beauty, as the view by the lake is so peaceful (even when it’s full it’s amazing). It’s another quirky library with a cafe, and a terrace area where you can enjoy a cuppa.

Best coffee shops in Mexico City - Porrua

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  1. I was literally just telling my fiancé that I wanted to go to a cute coffee shop in the city instead of Starbucks to do some blogging. Thanks for the suggestions, it looks like we have some exploring to do!

  2. These are trendy and expat friendly cafes, but if you want real quality coffee and a hipster vibe in the true sense of the word, you’ll want to check out Avellaneda (either location in Coyoacan), Rococo (hands down the best), and Ruta de la Seda (for tea). I also recommend Cafe Negro and Cafe Olvidado, both in Coyoacan.

    1. Thanks Samdi – great advice! I’m always on the look-out for more and am trying to find the most authentic spots too, so I will definitely try these ones out too 🙂

  3. Just visited the cafe at the Librería Porrúa and their wifi is no longer working. Went to Starbucks next door, sadly.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for letting me know – what a shame as there’s such a nice vibe there, esp on the first floor. Is it permanently not working or were you just unfortunate on the day?

    2. I would not recommend El Péndulo in Roma Norte. My laptop was stolen from this location, and although they had clear video footage of the people who stole it they did not contact the police. They then refused to show footage to the police until a formal investigation was launched. I’m assuming this is to avoid any bad publicity. The cameras only exist to catch people stealing from them–they could care less about what happens to their customers.
      Cardinal, Freims and Dosis are all great options. If add Daveno in Roma Norte–great coffee and beautiful space well-equipped for remote work.

  4. Great list, although I just wanted to point out that El Pendulo is a bookstore, not a library. Same goes for Librería Porrúa. “Librería” in Spanish means bookstore, and “biblioteca” means library. Seems like opposites but it’s true 🙂 anyway thanks for the great tips!

  5. I’m in the city for a week – this piece is perfect for planning my work! By the way, do you have any suggestions for cafes with good wifi around the Centro Historico? Will be spending a day or two there as well…


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