7 Coffee shops in Taghazout for digital nomads

Looking for coffee shops in Taghazout to do some work? I’ve been working here for 2 months, and have made it my mission to try out all the working spots with wifi and smoothies.

With Taghazout being just a small surf town, don’t expect Internet speeds of London – but it’s not too bad. I bought a SIM card so when the the Internet does go down, I can hotspot my data (which is SUPER cheap), so it’s never been a problem.

So, here’s a list of the Taghazout coffee shops (in my order of priority)…

1. World of Waves

coffee shops in taghazout wow

My favourite place to work because of the dreamy view and the best wifi connection in Taghazout cafes.

It’s the only place that serves smoothie bowls – and their Grasshopper smoothie (with spinach, cucumber, dates, banana, and ginger) is yummo.

coffee shops in taghazout wow smoothies

There’s only 2 charging sockets in the restaurant, but it doesn’t get too busy.

Plus, the guys who own it are so lovely. As I’m in there so often, they let me use their roof terrace and chill out area with the big screen – which are usually open just for guests.

2. Cafe Mouja

Just a lil further down the beach, again with views overlooking Hash Point surf spot.

coffee shops in taghazout mouja

It’s the next best place for internet – 9/10 times it’s been great (but it did go down once for me – while I was on a call. I forgive but I don’t forget).

The food’s good – especially the calamari risotto, and beetroot & feta lentil salad – although at around 7/8 euros for lunch, it’s a bit pricier than others.

coffee shops in taghazout mouja risotto

But it is somewhere you can find a good old British tea here. 

coffee shops in taghazout mouja tea

Owned by Surf Maroc, it’s very touristy… but very touristy = (usually) better internet!

3. Windy Bay

coffee shops in taghazout windy bay

Along the same stretch of the beach as WOW – the menu here is limited (only eggs and smoothies) but they’re pretty good eggs and smoothies! And cheap too.

And if you need to charge, there are comfy sofas inside.

4. La Paix

coffee shops in taghazout la paix

With big wooden tables, good coffee, and their veggie burgers good too. Wifi was ok, and there were some charging sockets.

Overlooks the main road that runs through Taghazout – so it’s a bit less peaceful but Panorama beach is just peeking out in the background.

5. West Coast

Quite good Internet (calls here were fine) – and their coffee’s pretty good… Although the rest of the menu was quite limited. And it’s not the comfiest of spots!

6. L’Auberge

This one is definitely more of a restaurant than digital nomad working cafe. (HOW DARE THEY)

coffee shops in taghazout auberge

L’Auberge is my favourite spot for food and drink – but working here’s not the best. The wifi was fine for writing emails, but not good enough for calls. And there are only a handful of charging sockets too (which are inside, so not on the terrace).

If you’re eating here, try the Four cheese pizza (with the king & queen of cheese- goats cheese & roquefort- you can’t go wrong). And the strawberry, raspberry, orange, honey, mint & ginger smoothie is delish too.

7. Dar Josephine

Love the interior of this one – with leafs that make you feel like you’re in the jungle, but the Internet here was the worst I’ve experienced. I tried 3 times and every time, there claimed to be a connection but I couldn’t even get into emails. PAIN. FUL.

Good for food – not so good for work!

coffee shops in taghazout dar j

So… if you need strong wifi, I’d recommend WOW or Mouja. There’s also SunDesk co-working space, where you can buy a day pass if you don’t stay there. And the Internet here is better than the coffee shops (plus they do bottomless coffee!)

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  1. Really useful article! Thank you. You said that you had a sim card that was super cheap – can I ask what network that was with? I usually work off a hotspot, so would love to find a cheap one with good connection 🙂

    1. Hey Becs, ah I’m not living there anymore but the SIM card shop was up this small path that leads up from the main square to Sundesk. It’s on the right of Sunset Burger /next to a pharmacy. I got the SIM & data from there and it was a really good connection!

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