7 of the best hipster bars in Mexico City (for mezcal, pulque & more)

If you’re in Mexico City – and are looking for some of the best bars to try the famous mezcal or pulque – look no further.

I’ve written this post because it gave me a legit excuse to try all the hipster, underground bars. And an excuse to sample all the cocktails, mezcal, and pulque. I just had to.

So, if you want a cute, independent bar – here’s my list of the best bars in Mexico City. Hopefully it will save you time and take you to some funky spots.

best mezcal bars in mexico city

Best mezcal bars in Mexico City

  1. La Lavanderia Mezcal bar

Hands-down my fave spot to drink in Mexico City.

Great spot for people watching, and the food & drinks menu is insane.

best mezcal bars mexico city - la lavendaria

I will admit that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to mezcal, so we usually get the cheapest. But it’s tasty AF (and I’m not even a big mezcal fan). Maybe it’s because of the cinnamon-spiced orange that comes with it.

The avocado & mezcal cocktail is possibly the best drink I’ve ever had. A perfect blend of creaminess, cut with the citrus of the lime, and the earthy taste of mezcal.

best mezcal bars mexico city - la lavenderia

2. Mano Santa Mezcal

Another bar that’s buzzing with young locals, because of the cheap-but-good-quality mezcal.

best mezcal bars mexico city - mano
Photo credit: Mano Santa Facebook

Pretty cool interior, with low ceilings and funky experimental scientific bottles dotted around – it’s unpretentious with chilled vibes.

best mezcal bars mexico city mano

Best bar for pulque in Mexico City…

3. Pulqueria los Insurgentes

If you want to try the Mexican classic “pulque”, Pulqueria Los Insurgents has heaps of the stuff. And it’s a big warehouse – split over 3 floors, with a rooftop.

best hipster bars in mexico city pulqueria

Pulque to Mexicans is like Aguardiente to the Colombians, or Pimms to the Brits. If you want an authentic taste of Mexico, give it a go. It’s not for everyone though…

It tastes like a sweet, yeasty, creamy alcoholic juice. Heaps of flavours including mango, cucumber, coffee, passionfruit, chocolate, lemon, honey etc.

Pulqueria los Insurgentes is popular amongst the young locals, which is a good sign it’s one of the best.

Best Bars For Cocktails in Mexico City

4. Aurora

Swankier spot hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Aurora is nestled down a narrow path amongst leaves and fairy lights.

They specialise in gin, although my personal fave is the Bulleit Mojito – mint & blueberry mojito.

best hipster bars in mexico city aurora
Photo credit: Aurora Facebook page

5. Casa Franca Jazz Bar

I stumbled across Franca by seeing the bouncer on the road and wondering what he was hiding. Nosily, I wandered in – and headed up the ‘secret’ stairs.

It’s super cool. Unsurprisingly, it feels like a house, with it’s collection of little rooms – decorated with kitsch paintings, velvet sofas, and lamps. And a swanky cocktail bar and stage for live music.

best hipster bars in mexico city - casa franks

If you head here, you may want to dress up. I felt a little out of place in my converse.

Best bar for wine in Mexico City

6. Galia Wine Bar

If you’re craving some red wine and cheese, Galia’s your spot.

One of the cheaper places for wine in Roma. It’s so good, it feels a little French. 👩‍🎨

best hipster bars in mexico city - wine

Here are some other recommendations to restaurants in Mexico City.

Best ice cream bar in Mexico City

A slightly different type of bar,  but alcoholic none-the-less.

An ice cream bar – but the ice cream is so boozy, I considered pre-lashing here. I was pissed after one scoop!

Best mezcal bars mexico city ice cream bar

Flavours include – caramel with tequila, pina colada (pineapple, coconut cream & rum), espresso & jack daniels, helado oscuro (dark choc, choc liquor & vodka)…

best hipster bars in mexico city gelado oscuro

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  1. Mexico City is so busy and gigantic that this is exactly what you need to make sense of the madness. The Pulqueria bar sounds super fun. Thanks for the guide 🙂

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