Imsouane Surf – Riding Africa’s longest waves (in Morocco)

Taghazout in Morocco is becoming a popular destination for surfers around the world. You’ve got Boilers, Mystery, Anchor Point, Banana Point, Anza and way more – all within 30 mins of Taghazout.

You may wonder why anyone would bother to travel further away when there are so many amazing places near Taghazout… But my favourite surf spot in Morocco is a little bit further north and in my opinion, SO worth the extra effort to get to.

Say hello to Imsouane.

Africa’s longest surf bay.

imsouane surf bay

I lived in Taghazout for 4 months, and tried out a lot of the different beaches nearby. And I made friends with lots of local surf instructors… And it seemed that the unanimous favourite surf spot in Morocco was the magical bay of Imsouane.

Whenever the surf schools decided to do a trip to Imsouane, everyone was so excited that it felt like it was Christmas day.

So why is everyone is so obsessed with the Imsouane surf?

Imsouane is made up of two surf spots: Cathedral Point and the Bay.

While Cathedral Point can have some great waves, it’s all about the Bay.

You paddle out at the very tip of the bay. Often the current is so strong that you gotta paddle your little cotton socks off to get to the line up – just to make sure you don’t end up half way down the bay before you’ve even begun.

I have to admit – my surfing is really not very good at all. I’ve had loads of sessions where I’ve failed to catch any waves at the line up, but it doesn’t matter! Even if you only catch a wave from half way down the bay, it still goes on for minutes! And you just ride it allllllll the way down the bay, til you get to the beach.

It’s the perfect spot for any level of surfer, as you can paddle out to the line up – or if you’re more of a beginner, you can catch the waves or white water further towards the beach.

And then the only way back to the start is to get out the sea, and walk the whole way round the beach.


imsouane surf panorama

About Imsouane: the town

Imsouane is a super small surf town – and it’s made up of two main parts.

When you drive in, you’ll arrive in a small square with a few surf shops and a restaurant that overlooks Cathedral Point.

imsouane surf shops

To get to the Bay, take the small road on the left of the main square which you’ll drive into. Just keep on driving down the little road and you can park up on the side of the road for free.

imsouane surf restaurant

Down in the Bay are a few different restaurants where you can have a pre surf coffee, or a post surf BBQ. They have the most amazing, freshly-caught fish ready to go on the BBQ – which is pretty reasonably priced, super tasty & the best post surf refuel!

imsouane surf tower imsouane surf tower

The famous tower in Imsouane Bay

Where to stay in Imsouane

It’s easy to do a day trip from Taghazout as the journey is only around 1.5 hours. It’s also great to stay overnight, if you’re tired after surfing and want to wake up early to hit the early morning waves.

I’ve done both – I’ve gone for the day, and also ended up staying there so I could surf in the morning.

I usually just check out the deals on which sometimes have some good last minute prices…

How to get to Imsouane from Taghazout

The easiest way is to hire a car from the centre of Taghazout. It’s roughly a 1.5 hour drive and is pretty easy – mostly on modern, straight roads. (I did manage to get a little lost- but I always get lost, so I’d recommend popping it in Google Maps)

If you don’t have a driving license or don’t feel comfortable driving in a foreign country, then just ask in any surf hostel or surf camp if you can catch a lift to Imsouane.


So if you head up to Imsouane, I hope you enjoy it! It’s a pretty unique place with my favourite waves in Morocco, that left me buzzing for days after.

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  1. There are now direct shuttles running to Imsouane everyday from Taghazout, Tamraght, Agadir and Essaouira. The price is 8 euros per person and you can book tickets online here – – much cheaper than a taxi and just as easy 🙂

  2. Thanks for the article! I stayed in Imsouane for a few days during my trip to Morocco – your post helped me with that decision. NO REGRETS! Love love love it there!

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