4 Things to do on Isla Holbox (A 1 Day Itinerary)

Heading to Isla Holbox, and don’t know what to do? Here are my top 4 things to do on this beautiful island – so you can make the most of the amazing colourful streets, famous hammocks, and aqua blue sea.

It’s small enough to do in a day (although I’d recommend spending longer if you can) – so here are some tips for what to do in Isla Holbox.

What to do in Isla Holbox - beach


What to do in Isla Holbox

1. Head to the hammocks (and go there early)

The hammocks are one of the most famous things on the island, so they can get busy. It’s worth going early when there’s barely anyone there.

Just take a tuk tuk to Villas Flamingos – home to the ‘holbox’ hammocks – which is about a 20-30 min ride.

If you get there early enough, they should be all yours to hop in and relax.

Note – I say ‘hop in’. It’s really not that easy! I was extremely ungraceful clambering in, but I made it.

things to do in Isla Holbox - hammocks

2. Stroll around and soak in the colourful streets

The town itself is small & easy to walk around on foot.

What to do in Isla Holbox - street art

What to do in Isla Holbox - street art

What to do in Isla Holbox - colourful streets

What to do in Isla Holbox - colourful street art

things to do in Isla Holbox - street art

things to do in Isla Holbox - yellow streets

3. Eat at The Hot Corner

They have the best tacos, ceviche – and cocktail menu. I had the “House Special” cocktail – tequila, honey, lime, cucumber and mint. Mmmmmmm.

What to do in Isla Holbox - where to eat

things to do in Isla Holbox - where to eat


4. After lunch, stroll down to Punta Coco.

There are more hammocks, some more beaut shallow water, and a very rustic bar where you can buy beers.

things to do in Isla Holbox beach

What to do in Isla Holbox - beach

How to get to Isla Holbox – from Playa Del Carmen

1. On the road

If you want to take public transport, it’s easy to take a bus from Playa. But if you can, I’d recommend hiring a car because it’s much quicker, you can beat the crowds and get there early. Plus it’s way cheaper, if you share it with a mate.

So we hired a car from Playa Del Carmen, for around 30 USD. For 2 people, one night, and included insurance.

To get there, drive to Chiquila – from Playa it’s basically just one straight road, with Holbox signposted the whole way. Easy peasy.


Then when you get to Chiquila, there’s heaps of parking close to the boats; we paid 50 mexican pesos for 12 hours (which is less than 3 USD).

2. Take a boat

At Chiquila, take a boat to the island. Ferries go every 30 minutes, but we were lucky – there were loads of private boats waiting to take people to the island.

So we got our own private speedboat, for the same price as the regular ferry (120 pesos, under 7 USD, each). It only took 20 mins – and it felt pretty baller. 😎

things to do in Isla Holbox- how to get there

Then when you want to back, just take another ferry back to Chiquila, pick up the car & head on home.

Take me back 🙏

I could have stayed there for days, weeks, maybe even months. It’s so unbelievably chilled that it’d be great to stay overnight for some R&R.

As it’s very small, accommodation can be a bit sparse so check out booking.com as they often have some great deals on.



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