How I ended up in Krabi, Thailand.

I have to admit that before this weekend, I had never even heard of Krabi… let alone had I thought about going there.

So how did I end up in this small unknown mountainous Thai town – with a random American guy that I had known for less than 24 hours?

If you’ve been following any of my journey, you may know that I have recently moved to Bali.

One of the protocols of moving there is getting the right visa. So off I went to Singapore, to process my Business Visa.

After spending a week in a city where everything is about 5x more expensive than usual, I couldn’t WAIT to get myself back to the island of smoothie bowls, surfing, and $5 massages.

I was so excited to get back that I basically skipped to the airport. And when I went to check-in, I was told my flight was delayed due to “Mt Agung Eruption”. It was rather infuriating because all the other flights were running on time, and of course mine was the one that was affected.

krabi thailand

I was so desperate to get home that I legged it between all 4 terminals to try to get on one of the few remaining flights that were scheduled. Needless to say that these flights were full and I was not allowed on these planes.

So I trudged back to the original terminal to see what was going on with my original flight.

We were told that it had been rescheduled for 6am the following morning (it was 5pm by this point). I started to contemplate… Should I go back to my friends flat for a short dinner, small sleep, and taxi at 3:30am? Or just ride out the 13 hour wait in the airport?


That was when I met Michael: 21 year old university student from New York, who was studying in Singapore for the summer.


Michael told me that the chance of getting a taxi at 3:30am the following day was highly unlikely- flagging one down is hard, especially in the early hours of the morning. So I decided to ride out the 13 hours in the airport- with my new found friend, Michael.

We got sushi, we got beer. We had a nap. I heard about his psycho ex girlfriend (she didn’t like the snapchat he sent of us). For two people that had only just met- we became rather good friends!

These were our sleep pods:

As our flight was rescheduled for 6am, we set our alarms for 4. We mooched over to the gate, half asleep – to find that our new flight was cancelled. Not delayed, but cancelled. The volcano actually did erupt – so Bali airport was closed for the next 2 days.

OK so I won’t lie… this made me feel rather anxious. Singapore was so expensive and I couldn’t bear the thought of spending another weekend there. I’d recently launched my first business in Bali, so I was dying to get back to productivity, and not have to spend $100 every single day.

Michael, on the other hand, seemed to be rather nonchalant about the whole situation. Despite only planning to go to Bali for the weekend, he didn’t seem to mind that half his holiday had disappeared by being stuck in the airport.

I was still frantically searching for a route to Bali – seeing if we could get a flight to Java, Jakarta or Surabaya and then a bus to Bali. But these routes would have taken days, were super expensive, and 24 hr buses sounded pretty hellish too.

I was all ready to call it a day and admit defeat. There seemed to be no way to get to Bali, so I’d thrown the towel in and was about to head back into Singapore for the weekend.



That was when Michael looked at the departure screen. “Let’s go to Krabi” he said, out of the blue. That’s where the next flight out of Singapore was going.

After a quick Google, we realised that it wasn’t associated with the unfortunate health condition. And instead, looked like a beaut area in Thailand.

However- as I mentioned earlier, I was in the early stages of my business. This meant that most of my money was tied up in the stock I’d just bought, so I couldn’t afford to splash $350 on a last minute flight to Krabi. I told Michael to go have a great time in Krabi, but I’ll just wait in Singapore to get on the next flight to Bali.


That was when he handed over his credit card to the check-in desk. “Two flights to Krabi” he said. I tried to persuade him to go solo as I don’t like to feel indebted to anyone, but he was adamant that he wanted the company and wouldn’t go alone. He said he’d rather pay for me to go, than for us both to go back to Singapore.



I couldn’t believe he could be so kind!

Then it dawned on me… Was I bonkers for agreeing to go on a last minute trip to somewhere I didn’t know, with someone I didn’t know?! In hindsight maybe I was- and maybe I shouldn’t have gone… But I got good vibes after spending the long wait in the airport with him, and I trusted my intuition.

It was too late to change my mind by now, so all I could do was hope that he wasn’t a lunatic, and hope that I make it out of Krabi alive.

As you may be able to tell from the fact that you’re reading this…I did, in fact, make it out alive!



And we had the BEST weekend ever.

We stayed in this bamboo hut called Ao Luek Paradise, that was only $20 a night for 2 people.

The owner took us kayaking through mangroves, for a morning swim in a waterfall, and a private boat trip around the islands and caves.

It really was the most incredible trip – also definitely the most random – and I am so so grateful to my new buddy Michael for taking me there!

In hindsight, it may have been useful to have done a bit more research so I was a bit more prepared to visit Thailand… but now I know how easy it is to pop over from Bali, that I’ll definitely be back.

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