SunDesk: what Taghazout’s co-working space is really like

I stayed at SunDesk… here’s what it’s like.

As soon as I was back in London after 9 months of travelling – I knew I had to leave again. Too many people racing around the city, overpriced sandwiches from Pret, and the rain didn’t exactly lure me back.

But I didn’t know where to go. All I wanted was somewhere hot, chilled, and with good internet.

Then I stumbled across SunDesk. And immediately I was sold.

sundesk review

So, what is SunDesk?

  • The first co-working space in the lil surf town of Taghazout, Morocco.
  • Aiming to create the “perfect environment” for inspiration & focus.
  • For students, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to travel and work.


But with only 14 rooms available, it gets booked up – fast. I spotted ONE spot available for a week, so immediately I booked it. Sometimes I can be a little rash, but I hoped it would all fall into place…

So, here’s my review of Sundesk…

The co-working space

Sundesk review - coworking space

Every desk has an ocean view. Safe to say – this shits all over London offices.

Set over two floors: one more ‘professional’ with desks, and a private Skype room. And the other’s more relaxed – on the terrace, with sofas.

Plus, there’s an inflatable ball to make work more fun. And hands down, the strongest internet I’ve had in the whole of Taghazout.

I gotta mention though- there was a power cut, where ALL wifi in Taghazout went down for 3 hours. But if you buy a local SIM with data, you can hotspot your phone and never be without internet. And that costs less than 5 euros.

Chill out area

When you want to relax, you can head on up to the roof terrace. And chill out to this panoramic view of the sea.

Sundesk review - roof

Food & Drink

There’s a huge buffet breakfast every day, that filled me up so much I skipped lunch multiple times.

Tasty AF Moroccan omelette, fruit salad, yoghurts, bread & jams, coffee, mint tea, etc.

Sundesk review breakfast

And they sometimes cook an amazing, authentic Moroccan lunch for everyone too – including meat & veggie tagines and salads.

Their chefs are GREAT.


I stayed in the standard private double. Comfy bed, big mirror.

Pretty standard.

sundesk review - room


It’s SUPER, super chilled.

If you want crazy party, go somewhere else. But if you want somewhere you can get your head down & be productive, there’s very few distractions. For me, to work – it was perfect.

But I’ve also made friends with locals through surfing… and they’re mostly who I go out with. (But that’s because I prefer to experience places like a local, than hanging out with too many tourists)

If you want to book…

Head to their website, see what’s available – and book!

Try to book in advance as they do big discounts if you stay for a month or two. You can get a private room for €17 a night – which is obviously much more expensive than a hostel, but not too spenny if you want a private room.

There’s a reason why people book for months at a time. Cos it’s pretty bloody dreamy.

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