What to do in Mexico City

Imagine a city, as chic as Paris, as green as Amsterdam, as cheap as Medellin, and as hipster as New York – and what do you get? Mexico City.

what to do in mexico city park

So if you’re lucky enough to visit, here’s my top suggestions for what to do in Mexico City.

  1. Teotihuacan pyramids

If you only have time for one thing in Mexico City, my vote is for the Teotihuacan pyramids.

They. Are. EPIC.

Massive grounds, with three big pyramids you can climb: Pyramid of the Sun, Pyramid of the Moon, and the Temple. The views speak for themselves…

what to do in mexico city pyramids 1

what to do in mexico city Teotihuacan pyramids

You can take a tour – but these are expensive. It’s easy to do it on your own, you’ll save money, and you can get there early to beat the touristy crowds.

How to get to Teotihuacan pyramids: If you can, arrive by 9am and on a weekday, so you can enjoy the pyramids to yourself.

  • Take the Metro to the Autobuses del Norte station (5 pesos – although if you don’t have a transport card, you’ll need to buy a card for 10 pesos).
  • Go inside the bus station, turn left & go to ‘Puerta 8’ – the counter selling tickets for ‘Pyramides’. (Bus ticket = 100 pesos, just over 5 USD)
  • Hop on the bus & about an hour later, you’ll be there.


2. Frida Khalo museum – aka. ‘La casa azul’ or ‘The Blue House’

A super interesting & insightful view into the fascinating life of, arguably, the most controversial Mexican artist, Frida Khalo.

Located in her very own home.

What to do in Mexico City Fridas house

I went on a random weekday and the queue for tickets was suuuuuper long – at least an hour, maybe two. So save yourself some time and book before you go. You can get tickets here.

Cost: $200 Mexican pesos (approx 11 USD) per person

3. Chapultepec Park

If you’re looking for a massive park – somewhere to soak in a lake, and maybe even a casual row – Chapultepec is where it’s at.

What to do in Mexico City - Porrua

You can hire rowing boats, for just 60 pesos (a little over 3 USD)…

what to do in mexico city chapultec park

what to do in mexico city row park
The kool kids in the black swan

Or head up to the castle, and soak in 360 views of the city…

what to do in mexico city park

Note – the castle shuts at 5pm. I didn’t do my research, and foolishly arrived at 4:45pm. Luckily, the security guard kindly let me in for free – usually it costs 51 pesos (around 3 USD), and I raced around, attempting to soak in the art, at speed.

What to do in Mexico city castle

4. Check out what’s on @ Jumex Museum

The Jumex to Mexico City is like the Tate to London.

One of the most popular museums – recently displaying the Andy Warhol’s “Estrella Oscura” exhibition – so check out the latest exhibitions here.

Rough cost: Andy Warhol’s exhibition was 50 pesos (a little under 3 USD).

what to do in mexico city museo jumex

5. Soak in the street art

There’s so much creativity in the streets, which always brighten my mood.

Like this guy in Roma (take note of the man doing the plank)…

what to do in mexico city street art

Fellow blogger Lauren, has written a great article with locations of some of the best street art – check it out here.

6. Try the street tacos

Someone told me to stay away from the street food – but for me, it’s one of the best things about Mexico City. (Disclaimer: please don’t blame me if you are unfortunate enough to get ill, it can happen to anyone!)

Unbelievably cheap, tasty, authentic, and fresh – just make sure you pick busy & popular spots, and chefs cooking so you know it’s fresh.

There must be thousands of taco stands on the streets, but my favourite of all is Por Siempre.

what to do in mexico city tacos

Even if you’re not veggie, I’m so confident in their fresh, delicious, and massive-but-cheap tacos, that I will eat my hat if you don’t like it.

What to do in Mexico City - Siempre Vegan

RELATED: For a list of top vegan spot in Mexico, click here

7. Eat in Mercado Roma

A more upmarket food market, located in a relaxed warehouse.

They’ve got homemade sushi rolls, pizza or tacos – along with artisanal beers and cocktails too – which you can enjoy on the large wooden tables at the back.

what to do in mexico city mercado roma

8. Run round Avenida Amsterdam

Avenida Amsterdam is my favourite street in Mexico City.

Circling the Condesa park, with heaps of trees, and quirky buildings – it’s the perfect spot to clear your mind.

what to do in mexico city amsterdam

What to do in Mexico city amsterdam
Colourful house on Avenida Amsterdam

9. Check out Xochimilco

I heard about this from fellow blogger Raphael – if you have time, you should definitely do Xochimilco without a tour. It’s where you can cruise down the canal in a colourful boat and immerse yourself in authentic local Mexican culture. Plus if you do it without a tour, it’s super cheap and you get the real local experience!


So there you have it folks. If you’ve got any other ideas for what to do in Mexico City, I’d love to hear them – so please drop me a note or leave a comment below!

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