Zephyr Lodge: the hostel in the Guatemalan jungle

It’s not everyday that you find a gem like Zephyr Lodge hostel 💎.

Located in the middle of the mountains in the north of Guatemala, the vibes are chilled, views are magical, and la vida is pretty bloody great up here.

Zephyr Lodge hostel infinity pool - Semuc Champey Guatemala

You can take a a dip in the huge infinity pool – then when you’re parched, swim over to the bar, and sip on a pina colada in seconds.

And when you tire of the infinity pool, hop out & plunge straight into the steaming, bubbling hot tub.

Zephyr Lodge hostel infinity pool - Semuc Champey Guatemala

Top it all off by cooling down with a shower, gazing out and washing away to the serenity of the mountains.

Embrace your inner cave man.

Zephyr lodge hostel showers

Costs… and how to do it cheaply

Dorm beds start around $14 per night – which is a bit more expensive than other Guatemalan hostels. But it’s a hostel with an infinity pool, high up in the middle of the mountains. You couldn’t find this in Europe – let alone, at this price.

To book, visit their website here.

👀 Watch out 👀

Where they make their money is clearly on their food and drink.

When you check-in, you get a tab. You don’t pay for anything during your stay, it all goes on the tab. Then when you leave, you get hit with the bill. It’s very easy to carried away – ordering drinks in the pool or accidentally getting involved in Zephyr Lodge drinking games, and then being forced to add a whole round of shots onto your tab.

It might be convenient, but it’s also a sneaky way from them to get you to order more. So just watch out!

If you’re looking to do it on a budget, I’d recommend walking 10 minutes into the town of Lanquin. There are a few really tasty authentic Guatemalan restaurants, for a fraction of the price of Zephyr.

What to do in Semuc Champey

Visit the caves & pools

Prepare yourself for a rather uncomfortable, bumpy 4×4 ride to the caves, but it’s so worth it.

If you’re an adrenalin junkie, the caves will be right up your street. You wade in, wearing just a swimming cozzie & pair of shoes, holding a rather pathetic-looking candle to shine ‘some’ light in the, otherwise, pitch-black caves. The guides lead the way – climbing up massive rocks, and then hurling themselves off the top, into the pools. It’s exhilarating, but maybe not one for the faint hearted.

Afterwards, you hike up to see the pools from above; and then pop down, to take a dip in them too.

What to do at Zephyr lodge hostel - Semuc Champey pools

What to do in Semuc Champey

How to get to Zephyr Lodge from Antigua

  • Take a colectivo bus to Lanquin. Roughly about 8 hours, but pretty comfy.
  • In Lanquin, hop straight in the Zephyr Lodge hostel truck – which should be waiting right for you.

Super easy.

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